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3 Creative Ways to Show Off Your Business Logo

Posted by Michael Vazquez on Jul 27, 2016 1:20:15 PM

When your business was first founded, chances are you or the owners put a lot of thought and effort into things like the company name and business plan. You thought about the company’s mission and the primary value propositions. You considered the demographics, growth opportunities, and marketing strategy. And, somewhere along the way, you designed a logo.

At its heart, a logo is a symbol an organization uses to identify its products or services. A logo can include letters or words, or just encapsulate an image or graphic. The apple logo—an image of a silver apple with a bite taken out of it—is listed as the number one most powerful brand in the world, according to Forbes’ list. The next six logos on the list feature words, like Google, Microsoft, and Disney. A logo can take many forms, and it can be a powerful component of your brand identity. In fact, many people consider the two to be almost interchangeable.

That said, communicating your identity to future consumers is an important part of sales and marketing. Brand recognition has to do with trust, and can convey enormous meaning with as little as a single glance.

Of course, that’s when people recognize it.

Whether you’re an established business or a fledgling startup just getting off the ground, your logo could have a big impact on your future consumers. So why not show it off? Below, we discuss three creative ways to use your company logo in the field and in the community to make a greater impact.

Customized Mugs, Discount Mugs1. Industry events

First and foremost, industry events like trade shows and conferences represent an approachable entry into brand promotion. These events are designed for companies to attend, show themselves off, and enter into conversations with potential customers. Many companies host their own conferences, which gives them an immediate advantage in terms of brand recognition. Others may choose to erect a booth or sponsor an event to get their logo on official conference materials. Company representatives can also hand out collateral which can stimulate greater brand awareness over time.

Here are a few ways to get creative with sharing your business logo at promotional events:


Start with strong signage

When you represent your company at an industry event, be sure to set up your space in a way that makes your logo stand out. Consider ordering upright signs, stanchions, or banners displaying your company name and logo. Then, be sure that your logo is present on any materials you plan to hand out—such as business cards, sales flyers, or postcards. When attendees go home after the conference, you’ll want them to remember who you were and associate your logo with the experience.

Spill Proof Travel Mugs, Discount MugsHand out memorable giveaways

The same goes for giveaways. When representing your business at trade shows and industry events, consider handing out useful, distinctive swag that stands out from the crowd.

Depending on the event, customized mugs can be a solid choice. Ceramic coffee mugs suggest sophistication and sensibility, while spillproof travel mugs make a thoughtful choice for business travelers, outside sales reps, and anyone who traveled to your trade show.

Of course, some companies want to project a little more fun and pizazz, which may lead them to personalized neon sunglasses. These can be customized with a company name or logo on the stem of the glasses, which works especially well for companies with horizontal logos or simply a stylized company name.

Another well-received giveaway are custom cooler and lunch bags. These have plenty of imprint space for any size or style of logo, and—like custom mugs—convey your logo’s colors and fonts in an authentic way. Plus, they are useful for busy professionals who want to tote their lunch or snacks with them, and make great picnic and tailgating coolers on the weekends.


Custom Koozies, Discount Mugs2. Online and Social publishing

Of course, a big part of brand recognition happens online. If you want people to recognize your logo, be sure that your company website, social media platforms, and any downloadable publications or materials are updated with your company logo and brand styles.

It is especially important to optimize your website for mobile usability. After all, in 2014, the percentage of adults spending time on mobile devices surpassed desktop and laptop use. More people are using mobile than ever before, and accessing your brand in more ways than ever. Be sure to take advantage of the ever-growing digital community and make sure your logo looks great and loads well on all screens, large and small.

Custom Coolers, Discount Mugs3. Community involvement

One of the most grassroots ways to show off your business logo is by getting involved in the community. Depending on your business and your region, you may choose from a variety of opportunities.


Sporting events

There’s nothing like sports to bring a community together, and sporting events offer a great opportunity for corporate sponsorship. Consider organizing or sponsoring a 5K race in your city, or partnering with a charity and donating to the cause. Another idea is to sponsor a youth or recreational sports team in your town by paying for the team uniforms, like jerseys or custom baseball hats with logo. This can reinforce your commitment to the community while promoting your business logo in a place people might not otherwise see it.

Custom Caps, Discount MugsCommunity picnics

Another way to get involved in the community is by being a part of community picnics—or organizing one yourself! Sponsor the affair by offering space in or near your offices, or simply pay for the catering. Print a banner, order cocktail napkins or custom koozies with your logo printed on the front, or have a little fun and have a cake frosted with your trademark symbol.  

If you donate to a local hospital, school, or nonprofit, custom coffee mugs and mugs with logos emblazoned on the front could be a great way to get your brand in front of new eyes—especially volunteers or officials from the greater business community.

As you can see, there are many creative uses for your business logo when it comes to promoting your trademark across different channels. Be sure to consider trade shows, the digital world, and even your local community when devising ways to further your business goals and set your company apart from the crowd.

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