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4 Tech Gadgets That Make Great Employee Appreciation Ideas

4 Tech Gadgets That Make Great Employee Appreciation Ideas

Posted by Roxana Clares on Sep 19, 2016 9:51:51 AM

Companies that recognize the hard work and dedication of their employees enjoy higher staff engagement, positive morale, a more dedicated customer service mentality, and lower turnover rates. Praise and recognition are great psychological tools to implement in the workplace. Employees who know that they will receive recognition for acting on the brand promise will have a strong incentive to do so. (Gallup, 2013 State of the American Workplace)  It’s projected that one minute spent on recognizing positive actions will yield one hundred minutes of initiative in return.

While a sincere thank you should always be in order, sometimes a little gift goes a long way as a token of appreciation.

Here are four employee appreciation ideas that will help you say thanks for a job well done.Custom Selfie Stick, Discount Mugs

Selfie Sticks are not just fun tech toys for teens and college students.. From group shots on vacation or at family get togethers, to a great date night event, or even a picture of you and your pooch, selfie sticks help you get the shot that you would have otherwise missed.  Just about anyone can appreciate the opportunity to be in more pictures with loved ones, and this low-cost gadget will get the job done.

wirelessspeakers.jpgWireless speakers are a must have item in today’s tech driven world.  Through a range of music apps, you can connect your cell phone via Bluetooth to a wireless speaker and listen to your  favorite tunes anywhere you are. They’re small and portable, so you can easily add background music at the beach, on a picnic, doing yardwork or just sitting on the front porch on a beautiful summer night. You can also amplify the sound on streaming movies, concerts or sporting events for a theater like experience under the stars. Add your company’s logo on a high definition wireless speaker for an extra level of customization and brand recognition.

MP3 Speaker Systems make a nice sentiment when the occasion calls for mp3speakersystem.jpga gift with a little more flair. From meeting sales quotas, to landing a big account, or recognizing a long-term employee’s years of service. MP3 speaker systems are a great way to make an impact with employees to let them know you recognize their success, hard work, and dedication.

customearbuds2.jpgEarbuds are a gift that keep on giving. Listen to tunes while you work, taking conference calls in a group office setting, or listen to a webinar or presentation without disturbing colleagues. In a way earbuds can  now be considered an office necessity. These useful and inexpensive accessories make great gifts that you can give out on a regular basis as tokens of appreciation that won’t break your budget.


Here are a few other bonus employee appreciation ideas: 

In addition to all of the tech gadgets that people love and use, an old fashioned personal thank you note goes a long way. Including a handwritten note of thanks along with the tech gadget gift will mean even more to the recipient. Taking the time to write a note of thanks, highlighting a specific success, adds a personal touch that far outweighs the value of the material gift. When delivered together, any employee is sure to feel  appreciated by you and your organization.

Consider taking the entire to team to an off-site luncheon or fun activity. Treating employees to a meal, and a day away from the office shows that you recognize their efforts. It’s also a reminder to those on your team that they’re not alone in getting projects done. Off-site outing ideas include team picnics, baseball or football games, or concerts. You can even spend the day volunteering for one of your employee’s favorite organizations.

Announce your employees achievements on your social media channels.  Make a habit of congratulate them for a  job well done, or the completion of a successful project In addition to announcing achievements in company newsletters or intranet sites, publishing  on social media also show your followers you truly  value the men behind the curtain.

Finally, show your employees that you care by offering them additional time off. Who doesn’t need an extra day or afternoon off to catch up on chores, spend time with their loved ones, or even just relax? Providing additional time off d shows you care for their well being, and will in the end prove to be conducive to their loyalty.

These ideas combined with a small token of your appreciation are a commitment to keep your employees engaged, and cultivate and workplace environment that benefits both you and them.

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