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Creative Corporate Gift Ideas that Communicate Your Brand

Creative Corporate Gift Ideas that Communicate Your Brand

Posted by Michael Vazquez on Aug 29, 2016 12:00:00 PM

In any business, it’s important to convey appreciation to valued clients and staff in a way that shows your sincere gratitude for their business and hard work. Similarly, thoughtful and high-value conference giveaways show prospective customers a little bit of personality as well as your good taste.

Custom Golfballs, Discount MugsSince corporate gifts come straight from upper management, they carry a special weight unlike other gifts. Staff always appreciate gifts that come with a personal signature from the CEO, and clients will recognize the thoughtful gesture right away.

Yet, giving corporate gifts is an art form. It’s not always enough to gift your team or clients a coffee shop gift card or an inexpensive, traditional pen. Instead, it pays to consider corporate gift ideas that will truly make an impression on people — things you’d appreciate yourself if you were in their shoes.

Another point to reflect on mind is your brand identity. Just as you ought to seek out gifts that offer some real value to the recipient, so should you always keep in mind the value of your brand name and logo. A brand is one way people identity with a company’s products or services; the symbol or object that reminds them exactly what a company does and how it makes them feel. Paired with a thoughtful corporate gift or conference giveaway, your gift has the potential to solidify a lasting relationship, whether with your own loyal employees or your valued clients.

So, how do you choose creative corporate gifts that will effectively communicate your brand? Take our advice and think about the follow customizable products. Not only are they outside the box, but they are sure to make an impression at your next company party or client appreciation event.Drive your business forward with golf balls

It’s not uncommon for executives to take their business to the golf course. If that sounds like your company or clients, then any gifts involving golfing paraphernalia will be a hole in one. Cusom golf balls make ideal corporate gifts and effortless conference giveaways.

These high-performance gifts feature 12 balls per box with a high-velocity core and 432 dimple pattern for maximum wind-cutting. When printed with your company logo on a white background, the finished personalized product is both eye-catching and sophisticated.

These gifts are perfect for sending to prospective clients after closing a deal on the green, or for solidifying the next meeting on the fairway after a great introductory meeting. They wrap up nicely for holiday gifts but are also easy to hand out as conference giveaways for those quality leads you happen to meet.

Personalized Leather Footballs, Discount MugsScore points with personalized leather footballs

If you’re looking for gifts that will tug at the heartstrings of your die-hard sports fan employees, you’ve found them. Full size personalized leather footballs put the excitement of the game right in their hands. And let’s face it — even adults like to play.

These footballs are 14 inches long and made of synthetic leather with plenty of white space for imprinting your business logo or messaging, as well as some left over for autographs. Consider taking your top staff to a local pro game and gifting these footballs during halftime, or hand them out as high-value conference giveaways with the CEO’s signature.

Customized footballs can be used to reinforce values of hard work, competitive goals, and sacrifice, and are perfect for celebrating new business and having fun at the end of a long year.

Custom Foam Fingers, Discount MugsEarn high-fives with foam fingers

For companies that capitalize on the sports and competition mentality, foam fingers are a fun choice. They’re gleeful gifts that bring energy and excitement to any situation and make a great choice for companies who want to liven up the team with something out of the ordinary.

Since foam fingers are lightweight and malleable, they’re excellent for handing out at trade shows and conferences on the road, or during outdoor events where whooping and cheering are encouraged. In fact, they might just be perfect for your company picnic.

The best part is that you can choose your color and customize the text or logo portion with your own company’s information. That way, others will notice right away when these fingers spring up at public sporting events, giving you a creative new source of word of mouth marketing. Or should we say word of finger?

Personalized Water Bottles, Discount MugsKeep them going with rally towels

If you prefer something with more color options and a universal appeal, these personalized rally towels make great gifts. Easily embroidered and available in nearly 15 different colors such as red, orange, and gold, these towels are easy to customize to your brand’s look and feel. Made of superior cotton terry, they are perfect for the gym, the spa, or the annual company sports tournament. They make great companion gifts with personalized water bottles, too. Since they are so light, you can use them for conference giveaways and even wrap them in a rubber band and toss them into an audience during a press conference, sales presentation, or annual company meeting.

When coming up with creative corporate gift ideas this year, don’t hesitate to think outside the gift card and come up with something a little more personal. Your employees will appreciate the thought, and your potential customers will notice the difference.

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