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The Healthcare Conference Giveaways that Everyone Lines Up for

The Healthcare Conference Giveaways that Everyone Lines Up for

Posted by Michael Vazquez on Aug 19, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Generally speaking, people don’t love to wait in lines. Whether at the grocery store, at a trade show, at a healthcare clinic, people want to get where they’re going and get things done. That said, it can be challenging to determine the best conference giveaways or product handouts for professionals in the healthcare field who already have limited time to spare.

These healthcare professionals — pharmacists, physician’s assistants, dental hygienists, medical students, and clinic supervisors, for example — are inundated with free swag every year, either from industry conventions or visits from drug company representatives. It’s not uncommon for them to accumulate lots of new products from events like these. However, many of these products fail to offer useful value or creative appeal, and thus end up in the donation pile.

Whether you’re selecting products for your staff or marketing your services at an event, it’s especially important to find useful and interesting items to give. Think about what types of things you might be most excited to see at an upcoming conference. A reliable ink pen is one thing. A pen that’s also a flashlight? Bingo.

If you are seeking to market your services in a way that reaches your target medical audience with products they will actually enjoy using, then read on to learn more about how to give out the right products with the right approach.

Insulated Cooler Totes, Branders.comConsider daily needs

First, consider what your audience needs. In the healthcare field, your audience may work anywhere from ambulatory health care services, to a health clinic, to a dental office. Think about what types of things might make their day easier as they go through quotidien tasks like diagnostics, treatments, and consultations. What does your audience use in their day-to-day? Reflect on the things that always go missing, like pens or pads of paper. Ask yourself whether your company’s product giveaways are:

  • Useful. Are the products going to help people in their jobs during the day? Are they going to make life easier? Will people reach for them on a daily basis?
  • Portable. Are the items easy to pick up and take with you? Are they lightweight and packable? Will they fit in a purse, briefcase, or doctor’s coat pocket?
  • Contemporary. The traditional giveaways from years ago may still be around, but are they on the cutting edge? Do they fit with the industry’s move toward more digital operations? Do they make sense in the modern medical office?

Lanyards with Badge Reels, Branders.comBe sure to contemplate whether the items you are thinking about have a useful purpose in the workplace, if they are portable, and if they fit in a modern work environment.

Badge holders are a great example. While badge holders are handy in a conference environment for holding ID cards or name tags, badge holders are also essential for healthcare professionals who need to wear their identification at all times. That makes them high-value items at conferences, since most everyone needs one — or needs to replace a lost or broken one.

Consider the types of badge holders that would work best for your audience, from lanyards with retractable badge reels to clip-on badge reels in fun shapes, such as this star badge reel with alligator clip. Badge holders are compact and lightweight, perfect for keeping ID cards close at hand for scanning and swiping access to computers and restricted areas.

Stylus Ball Point Pens, Branders.comGet creative

Beyond just day-to-day utility, consider whether your products will feel fresh and original when healthcare professionals encounter them at a conference. Giving out the same old thing year after year can feel tired and unremarkable. Think about the things that would get you excited, products that take a traditional giveaway and add something new and fresh.

Even custom pens can be delightful. Pens are some of the easiest items to give out and customize. And even in our digital world, a good old fashioned ink pen always comes in handy — especially for professionals constantly moving from room to room or traveling from clinic to clinic. Items like three-in-one stylus ballpoint pens with LED lights take traditional pens a click further. These have traditional utilitarian purpose but also a fun extra value — namely, the ability to write on either paper or on a digital tablet, with an LED light for off-the-cuff examinations.

Personalized Travel Mugs, Branders.comShow off your brand

When you give products away, the point is to delight your audience while getting them to remember your company name. Especially in a market so saturated with other giveaways and free handouts, yours need to stand out. That’s why it’s essential to customize your products with your company name and logo. This will help promote your company to your target audience, who will then help market your products just by using them on a daily basis.  

Cooler bags offer one way to promote your brand in a useful, creative way. Busy, traveling medical professionals often bring their own lunch or pack snacks to enjoy whenever they have a free moment. The last thing they need is someone else grabbing their brown paper lunch bag by mistake. Custom personalized cooler bags allow professionals to easily identify their own lunches, with brightly colored square coolers or over-the-shoulder insulated cooler totes.

Medical professionals also appreciate personalized travel mugs. These are great for those in the ambulatory field who are constantly moving about, as well as medical students, nurses, or doctors who find themselves working long hours or night shifts. Having a travel-ready mug will help keep beverages hot and keep the caffeine flowing for those lengthy overnights. Imprinted with your company name or product logo, these products also spur better brand recognition.

When you need to market your products or services within the healthcare industry, be sure to design products people will actually enjoy — and may even wait in line for.

Learn more about how to choose the perfect  giveaways for professionals in the healthcare industry.

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